My Approach


I approach the work from two fundamental perspectives - through talk and through touch (i.e. coaching and somatic practices, respectively).

All talk (coaching) work can be done over the phone. Talk work may include:

  • Powerful dialogue through questions (foundation of coaching)

  • Guided visualization

  • Guided breathwork

  • Guided meditation

  • Inner child work

  • Mirror work

Touch (somatic) work requires us to be in person and is only available in “The Revolutionary” package below. Touch work may include:

  • Aromatherapy

  • Basic touch (i.e. hand-holding, platonic affection)

  • Conscious touch (tapping into body sensation during touch activities with some dialogue to frame the experience)

  • Cuddle therapy

  • Deep-tissue bodywork

  • Guided breathwork

  • Guided dance/intuitive movement

  • Guided mirror work

  • Guided emotional release (acting out and embodying emotional states)

  • Reiki energy healing

  • White tantra (i.e. eye-gazing, hand-holding, synchronized breathing)

Core Values

  • Non-violent communication, where all parties involved take radical responsibility for their own experience

  • Active listening through an objective lens that includes acceptance and non-judgement

  • Consistent and clear communication that welcomes inquiry and dialogue

  • The co-creation and honoring of strong, healthy boundaries

  • Holding self and others accountable to living a life of our highest vision and potential

  • Respecting your inherent wisdom of self and acknowledging that nobody knows you better than YOU

  • Humor, play, fun, and well-timed jokes

While my role is to guide you on this exploration, I welcome the opportunity to learn alongside you. I am a lifelong student and hold the belief that we are all teachers.

My deepest intention is that we co-create a space where you can do the deep inner work you’ve been called to do, so that you may live your fullest, freest life now!

Our Work Together

Note: somatic (touch) practices listed above are determined on an individual basis.


  • 6 months of one-on-one transformational private coaching sessions (on a bi-weekly basis)

  • Comprehensive and curated content and resources that are personalized for YOU

  • Unlimited email support

  • Direct referral privilege to my expansive international network of relevant practitioners and professionals

  • Support and accountability