From Burnout To Bliss

I'm going on Facebook Live every day this week to share each of the 6 phases of a process I developed called The Bliss Method. I've used The Bliss Method with my clients as a simple and powerful way to go from Burnout to Bliss without compromising their success, their free time, and all the things they value most.

Each night after my live broadcast on Facebook, I'm going to send an email recap, like this one, with the main points from the video and the practices I discussed, so you can go from Burnout to Bliss now!

The Bliss Method Training
Part 1 of 6: Awareness and Acceptance

Do you have massive dreams for your future? Have you ever imagined a life where you get to have it all? Well, in order for you to get to the place you want to be, you've gotta first acknowledge and accept where you are (without judgement)! Creating a sense of awareness and acceptance is a mandatory part of creating possibilities for yourself and your life!

Main take aways:

  1. Creating awareness is a KEY component is allowing us to get to where we want to go - if we're not aware of where we are, relative to where we want to go, we can't get there

  2. Acceptance for where we are without judgement and shame catalyzes our ability to achieve intended outcomes

Practices we discussed that you can use NOW:

  1. Fears, Needs, Desires, Assumptions (journal it out)!

  2. Ho'oponpono practice (I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you)

  3. Ask: who am I without this shame and judgement? If this shame and judgement weren't here, what would I do and how would I act?

I'd love for you to share this with anyone in your life you think would benefit.

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