Unf*ck Your Intimate Connections

Howdy from Austin, Texas! 

Over the past week, I've had the great fortune of spending time in nature: hiking the Austin trails and jumping into cold-water creeks, attending SXSW events and parties, and spending quality time with dear friends. 

I've had the chance to deepen intimacy with these friends through conversation, exploring topics like: freedom, sexuality, trauma, pleasure, relationships, and so much more. 

On Saturday morning, while getting ready to attend the SXSW Health and Wellness Expo, I sat on the ground tying my shoelaces when a thought and sensation washed over me. I asked myself: "how often do I truly receive love from others when they offer it to me?" 

Sure, I may say "thank you" after someone compliments me, or allow myself to be briefly held in someones arms as they hug me, but what percentage of the time do I really internalize how much and how deeply I am loved? Have you ever wondered this? 

In that moment, I felt what being loved FEELS like (beyond the intellectual knowing of it). 

I realized that this is something that requires practice...at least for me it does. I'm unlearning the old, outdated "strategies" of deflecting compliments, avoiding emotion, and minimizing love from myself and others.

Sometimes this is easier said than done. Don't worry though, I got you covered. I wrote an ebook and I want to send you your very own special copy! Will you receive my love, please? <3 (sign up via the popup on my site or email me and I’ll send you a copy).

The ebook is called "Unf*ck Your Intimate Connections: 5 Keys to Deeper Relationships and More Emotionally-Compelling Sex."

My intention in creating this content is to share simple, actionable ways to build and deepen intimacy. I cover topics like boundaries, self-care, self-pleasure, and more! I trust there's something here for everyone and for every type of relationship, including romantic partners, family members, friends, and colleagues. 

I invite you to take peek. Actually, I invite you to read the whole damn thing! 

I believe that everyone deserves access to this knowledge and a chance to remember that we already contain this wisdom within.