Feelings as Sounds

How have you been feeling lately? No, really. Answer the question.

Everyone I’ve asked this question to has experienced their last few weeks and months with dynamism. In other words, they’ve felt a diverse range of emotions, from happiness, joy, and gratitude, to sadness, anger, and frustration.

I find myself in the same position. You may have seen some of my recent posts on Facebook and Instagram. In a futile attempt to corral my emotions, I tried getting “linear” with them. I thought a to-do list would help, or that I could apply some “strategy” to “fix my way out of feeling” something uncomfortable. You can probably guess how that worked out for me… -_-

When talking and writing about my feelings wasn’t allowing me release tension, I did the next thing that felt most natural: I made sounds. In doing this, I realized that my emotions don’t always want to be defined. They don’t always want to be discussed. They don’t always want to be “fixed” or changed. Sometimes, they want to just BE.

In an attempt to support my body through all these feelings, (and convince my roommate that I’m a little bit whacky), I made any sound that came to me, from animal sounds to primal sounds. I let out huge gusts of air, I grunted, I screeched, I sqwealed.

By the time I was done, about 20 minutes later, I felt immensely relieved. Not because I had “solved” anything, but because I allowed myself to be as I was and to express freely (without my intellect, for once).

Admist all of the action in our lives, from working and meeting deadlines, to spending time with loved ones and reaching personal goals, we’ve gotta make some time and space for ourselves! It is in this space that we build a grounded foundation, so that when it’s time to go out and interact with the world, we’ve got sturdy feet and legs to stand upon.

The seasons are changing, both in our external environements and our internal landscapes. We as beings are all experiencing great change. When we can utilize the tools we have (like the breath and sound work I mentioned above), we can stay grounded and feel embodied.