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Warrior Women With A Purpose

Interview with Kole Whitty

In this interview I talk about Suffering For Transformation with Kole Whitty.

La Maison du Rouge

Interview with Lucy Sweetkill

In this interview I talk about being an intimacy coach, sensuality and tantric body working with Lucy Sweetkill.

Wellness Warrior Magazine

Courage in Communication: Building Intimacy through Conversation

I'm grateful to be starting the week with a dose of clarity. Over the weekend, I got to have some very 'sexy' conversations that created a space for open communication and deeper intimacy with loved ones.

Wellness Warrior Magazine

Fears, Needs, Desires, Assumptions

If you were sitting where I'm sitting right now, you'd be in bed with me, looking out of a window at a luscious green tree against a clear blue sky filled with sunlight, listening to birds chirp, and feeling the heat of the rays spill in through the window and across the bed...

Replenish Me Radio Show with Cordelia Gaffar

Episode: Our Intimacy and Sexual Health with Lee Noto

In this episode, Cordelia and I talk about our intimacy and sexual health. We dive into relationships, love, sex, self-pleasure and more!

Warrior Women with a Purpose Podcast with Kole Whitty

Episode 146: Defining Sexuality, Sensuality And Pleasure with Lee Noto

In this episode we go DEEP into sharing and discussing shame, guilt and sexuality. I have never been this intimate in the details I share about my own sexuality and what REAL people are facing everyday.

Horizontal with Lila Podcast with Lila Donnolo

Episode 70: Tiger Mom: Horizontal with a Recovering Perfectionist

In this episode, we talk about slow-going sex and celibacy, plant medicine journeys and masturbation, objectifying yourself and faking orgasms, promiscuity as rebellious self-expression, pushing buttons just to know what they’re for, the glorious practice of bragging, a Tiger Mom, and driving myself to perfection so hard that my face paralyzed itself to get my attention. 

Finding The Force with Courtni StarHeart

Self-love and Tantra, Emotions, Intimacy, and Love Coaching with Lee Noto

Do you ever wonder about how to handle feelings? I mean, where is the manual for how to do this things called Self-Love? In this segment I am introducing to you my favorite expert, Lee Noto, on going within to find the Love you want, how to heal the past, and rebuild your future.

Finding The Force with Courtni StarHeart

Self-love and Sexuality in a Crazy World with Lee Noto

How do we work through trauma and sexuality in this crazy world? Coming from a background of coaching NYC clients on intimacy and self-nourishment, love and tantra, Lee shares with us some amazing tips on how to resolve trauma, accept our feelings, and speak our truth.