Powerfully shift from

Burnout to Bliss

in every area of your life

and regain

your sense of Self without

compromising your success

You’ve been trying to figure out why you continuously experience burnout. In fact, it’s been years!

  • You’ve done all the things to take care of yourself, including investing in gym memberships, attending personal growth workshops, and going on retreats, yet the burnout seems to creep right back in. 

  • No one seems to understand what it’s like because everything looks perfect from the outside - the job, the salary, the perfect Instagram stories. 

  • You keep hoping that the next book, podcast, or workshop will finally help you organize your life differently so that you can reduce the stress and actually have it all. 

But what if you could experience this instead…?

  • A deep knowing that you can have it all: career success, financial abundance, healthy, loving relationships, impact, and time freedom

  • The ability to create balance in your life, leaving you feeling more playful and light-hearted

  • A simple, yet powerful roadmap that allows you to unlock bliss is every area of your life

  • A coach who holds you to your highest potential and who does so with strong and supportive accountability


Hi, I’m Lee.

I’m a Burnout to Bliss Transformation Coach. I help ambitious, mission-driven women at the top of their game go from Burnout to Bliss so that they can regain their sense of Self and have the impact they envision, without compromising their success.

At the height of my “success,” fueled by hustle, I found myself in a state of complete and utter burnout, confronted by cystic breakouts, full-body hives, and facial paralysis. This wakeup call led me to mastermind my own journey to Bliss using a set of practices that are now the cornerstone of my signature transformational system called The Bliss Method.

Hear what the journey to liberation has been like for others…


I continuously apply the Bliss Method

in my own life and with clients so they can:

Maximize their Pleasure

Shift into Play 

Reclaim their Feminine Power

Embody radical Presence 

Come alive with Passion

Create exceptional Possibilities 

...all while continuing to enjoy the career success they’ve worked so hard for!